Quarterly Meeting: Growing Your Program

Posted by: jdean Date: December 6, 2018
Growing Your Program

On Wednesday PYSC hosted their last Quarterly Meeting of 2018 titled Growing Your Program. Heather McDanel, founder of Students Run Philly Style and Amethyst Consulting, led the discussion. We began with the reasons we all came to a discussion about growth and scale, and found many common themes:

  • How do you address pressure to grow?
  • Can you ensure the quality of your work doesn’t suffer?
  • How do you keep the culture and magic of your organization as you grow?
  • Is scale different from growth?
  • Should you increase breadth of impact or depth of impact?
  • Can your budget keep up?

From here Heather told her stories of grappling with growth throughout her career, and used lessons from motivational speaker Simon Sinek including the golden circle and letting your purpose guide what you do. Heather believes “you have to have a rock solid conviction on why you exist.” This conviction is key to making decisions when you're considering how your organization should grow.

All are welcome to join us at PYSC’s next Quarterly Meeting on March 20, 2019 where we will be discussing Major Gifts. Free registration is available on Eventbrite at pyscMajorGifts.eventbrite.com.