PYSC and Community Schools

Posted by: jdean Date: April 4, 2018
PYSC and Community Schools Meeting at Logan Elementary

This week the Mayor’s Office of Education hosted a meeting with members of their staff, Community Schools Coordinators, and PYSC Member organizations to explore opportunities for sports-based youth development (SBYD) programs in current Community Schools. The meeting took place at James Logan Elementary School, one of the first cohort of Community Schools announced in summer of 2016. Click here to read more about the Community Schools. 

Together we discussed the Community Schools initiative and the need for programming in these schools, some of which already have partnerships with PYSC Members providing SBYD programs for their students. Small group discussions followed to dive deeper into the needs and challenges of the schools represented. The Community Schools Coordinators were able to share current programs and partners at their schools, describe facilities available for use, and make connections with the 12 different youth development organizations in attendance. The next steps will be follow-up between compatible community schools and PYSC Members, and reporting back to with proposed budgets for pilot programs.